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Subarna Lal Bajracharya, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Management, TU

Unit Finance, Production Management, Research Committee
Contact (977) 1-4251025
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Interests Finance, Human Rosource Management, Production Management


 Professor Suvarna Lal Bajracharya joined the Public Youth Campus faculty in 1979. Professor Bajracharya started doing research on corporate reporting, a topic which remains of great interest to him from a research, managerial practice and public policy perspective. He has written two books on this subject, Production and Operation Management and Human Resource Management.Read More..



1st edition 2008, Quest Publication

Book Reviewed by Mr. Arhan Sthapit, Tribhuvan University



The book also enjoys a virtue of covering a wide area of HRM-related terms and topics. Understandably then is there a plethora of sub-components under each chapter. Had the book systematised them into major headings and distinct parts and sub-parts, readers could have felt more comfortable.

In the book, nonetheless, there is not much to write home about, in so far as Nepali context and examples on HRM to cater to the readers’ need for such reading materials are concerned. It is natural for the book-users that they may pin on Dr Bajracharya high expectations of getting practical examples in the Nepalese workplaces, since he is a popular teacher and consultant having exposure in different walks of life. Hence, it is imperative that he will hopefully incorporate the Nepalese context in the next edition.


.... edition 200...: ....... Prakashan


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Professor Suvarna Lal Bajracharya joined the Public Youth Campus faculty in 1979. Professor Bajracharya started doing research on corporate reporting, a topic which remains of great interest to him from a research, managerial practice and public policy perspective. He has written two books on this subject, Production and Operation Management and Human Resource Management.
Professor Bajracharya continues his active research on financial management, operational management and project accounting. Dr. Bajracharya teaches the MBS course “Production Management” as well as the executive education program of the same name in different colleges as visiting faculty member. Bajracharya also guides the Master’s Degree thesis and doctoral thesis and examined.  He is also a member of different professional societies such as: Founder Chairman; Asian International College. Former Founder Chairman, Asian College of Higher Studies, affiliated to Tribhuvan University for Graduate Program, Institute of Chartered Accountancy of Nepal for CA Program and Higher Secondary Board for Higher Secondary Programs; Former Campus Chief Public Youth Campus Tribhuvan University (TU); Member Research Board. Tribhuvan University; Member: Faculty Board, Faculty of Management T.U; Advisor Indiragandhi Open University Nepal; Licensed Auditor, Class ‘B’ Auditor General Office, 1981- 1984 (S. Bajracharya & Co.); Associate Director, Association for Research & Management Service (ARMS); President, World Federalist Movement – Nepal; Vice – President, English Speaking Union – Nepal; Secretary for International Affairs, Asian Youth Center, Madras, India; Former President, Nepal University Teachers Association, Campus Unit; Committee Member, Economic and Financial Management, Tribhuvan University; Member, The International Society for Conservation of Natural Resources, Banaras Hindu University, India.

Beside his academic profession, Dr. Bajracharya reflects his career in different national and international projects such as Fintrac Inc., SNV, Family Planning Association, International Development Enterprises Nepal, DFID, World Bank “Education for All” UNDP for National Planning Commission, SAARC Network of Researchers on Global Financial and Economic Issues, PDDP Project UNDP Funded, PLANCETER LTD Finland, DoLIDAR World Bank funded project, Canadian Cooperation Office (CCO), ADB, USAID funded project, British Aid Project, Integrated Cereal Project/USAID, International Agriculture Development Service/USAID Project, National Trading LTD (Nepal Government) as a financial consultant, Finance and Contract Specialist, Team Leader, Finance Director, Project Advisor, Financial Analyst and Finance Controller. He also headed this campus as Campus Chief in 2001-2002. Currently he is a chairman of Research Committee of this campus and member of editorial board of PYC Nepal Journal of Management, a research journal of this campus.

In 1992, Dr. Bajracharya received Gold Medal, Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan Class A, by His Majesty King, Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, 1992, Best Performance Award, Chemonics International, ATS Project, 1996, Best Performance Award, Winrock International, ARP Project, 1986 & 1987.

Dr. Bajracharya received Ph. D degree in Cash Management from Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, India in 1990 and Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Public Administration from Tribhuvan University.  He also trained in Accounting System Training for NARC staff 1994 – 1997; Accounting System, Project Development, Micro credit system 1994-1997; Accounting system, Financial Management Information system and Community Based Performance Monitoring System training; Mismatch in Labor Market, organized by Asian Productivity Organization, APO, Philippines from 11-13 July 2001; Training on Business Management, Kathmandu, NEPAL, Nov., 1981 – Jan, 1982; Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Bangkok, THAILAND, Sep. 11 – Oct. 6, 1995; International Accounting Standard, Kathmandu, NEPAL, 1995 (1 week); Management Information Processing Services, 1983, Data & Documentation Center 2nd – 27th Apr. 1986; Rural Development Strategies in Asia,  Kathmandu, 1985 ( 11- 15 Mar. 1985)

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University Textbooks

  1. Bajracharya, Suvarna Lal. (2008). Human Resource Management. Kathmandu: Quest Publication
  2. Bajracharya, Suvarna Lal.(........). Production and Operation Management. Kathmandu:................


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