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The PYC faculty members are committed to providing a top-quality educational experience through courses which combine high academic standards and practical application. The faculty members' team is firm to building tomorrow’s managers and leaders to deal effectively with complex, competitive and challenging environment of Management and Business Operation.


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Academic Unit

Academic Unit
Accounting and Management

The Accounting & Management unit at Public Youth Campus strives to be the worldwide leader in research, course development, and teaching on top managements' use of performance measurement systems.

Entrepreneurial Management

The Entrepreneurial Management Unit strives to raise the level of academic work in the field of entrepreneurship, in methodological rigor, conceptual depth, and managerial applicability.


Our strategy is to assemble and nurture a faculty whose interests and skills complement each other, and who work well together: to produce a broad range of finance-related research that is published in top-tier scientific and practitioner journals, and that addresses issues of present and future importance to managers (including regulators and policy makers); to develop highly-relevant and intellectually rigorous MBA and executive education courses; and to mentor future academics through the Business Economics doctoral program.

General Management

The General Management Unit is concerned with the leadership and management of the enterprise as a whole.


The Marketing faculty aims to understand the needs of an organization's customers in order to create, communicate, capture, and sustain value for the firm. Our faculty examine marketing issues related to branding, business marketing, global marketing, distribution channels, pricing, direct and interactive marketing, sales management and return on marketing investment with specialties in specific industries such as retailing, agribusiness, social enterprise, media, arts and entertainment.

Negotiation, Organizations & Markets

The NOM Unit seeks to understand and improve the design and management of systems in which people make decisions: that is, design and management of negotiations, organizations, and markets. In addition, members of the group share an abiding interest in the micro foundations of these phenomena.

Organizational Behavior

Through its research, teaching, and course development, the Organizational Behavior Unit creates and disseminates knowledge that advances the understanding of how to lead and manage with the aim of increasing personal and organizational effectiveness.


The Strategy unit studies firms as competitors in an economic landscape. Key issues include: the development and effectiveness of firm strategy at both a business and corporate level; the analysis of the competitive environment; and the sustainability of strategy over time.

Technology & Operations Management

As the world of operations has changed, so have interests and priorities within the Unit. Historically, the TOM Unit focused on manufacturing and the development of physical products. Over the past several years, we have expanded our research, course development, and course offerings to encompass new issues in information technology, supply chains, and service industries.

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