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Our Faculty

The PYC faculty members are committed to providing a top-quality educational experience through courses which combine high academic standards and practical application. The faculty members' team is firm to building tomorrow’s managers and leaders to deal effectively with complex, competitive and challenging environment of Management and Business Operation.


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  • To handle functions of international tourist service operations, including handling, managing and planning tour trek and rafting programs and handling domestic and international air ticketing and reservations.
  • To enable students to understand and appreciate the need and functions of tourism marketing, tourism development planning, measurement and management.
  • To develop a sustainable personality to match the required professional demand of the tourism sector.
  • To pursue further studies.


Case Method

PYC faculty applies the case method; it is the most effective learning process that makes the students capable in analysis and decision making of real life situation. The case method develops the transcendent skills, insights and self confidence required to fulfill the demand of real tourism business situation. All the cases used at Public Youth campus are developed by PYC faculty.

Research of Real Life

Every academicians of the Public Youth Campus produces academic papers, articles and books to publish in the general business publication including the PYC Nepal Journal of Management. These contributions develop the creation of organizational behavior and marketing tourism products to understand the nature of business its strategies and decision making. These resources are enhancing the research knowledge of the student in their study about the real life working experience.

Wide Range of Scope

The Pubic Youth Campus has developed the excellent national and international network with decent organizations. This has enhanced the global market place of the BTTM graduates. Most of leading National organizations are headed by the graduates of this campus. This marketability has created the incomparable status in the business and tourism industry.

Exclusive Resources

Public Youth Campus has glorious tradition of teaching and learning process. It is centrally located in the capital of Nepal that has closest vicinity to the culture and heritage of Kathmandu valley. The widen spread of its alumni and successful operations the PYC has capacity to fulfill the needs of educational and research activities. Sufficient space in the heart of the capital with modern e-library facilities, well managed modern class rooms, PYC library and sports facilities represents the one of the nation's respected learning institution.

Our Alumni

The success of alumni of any educational institution reflects the performance of the educational institutions. And the alumni of Public Youth Campus has spread significantly in the nation and abroad which expands the widen network. The graduates from the PYC have spread exceptionally broad range of organizations, including banks, financial institutions, established firms, government and nonprofit organization. The alumni of PYC serves in a wide spectrum of industries, including consulting, financial services, venture capital, high technology, manufacturing, retail, and consumer products.

Our Advisors

Successes of the organization depend on the path of the destination. Our advisors are very decent in their professions and well experiences in the tourism industry. Advisors of the BTTM of Public Youth Campus are well known and highly professional that can produce the excellent path of the destination of the PYCBTTM. Advisors of PYCBTTM are from pioneer interpersonal from the tourism industry.
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